Avon Calming Effects Illuminating foundation

In the winter, my skin looks tired and dull and I felt a powder foundation wasn’t really suitable for the changing seasons. Also, there’s always the risk that my eczema can make an appearance when the cold weather dries my skin. As I was flicking through the Avon catalogue, I found the Calming Effects Illuminating foundation. As it was on offer (as it often is), I snapped up a bottle in Ivory to try.


Image: Avon

I’m not massively used to liquid foundations, so I was unsure as to whether I would like this. I do! I’m quite lucky in the fact that I don’t need lots and lots of coverage; I just want something to even out my skintone and make my skin look a bit better. This foundation does that- I look like I’ve had a decent amount of sleep and my skin looks healthy and even. If you need heavier foundation, you might want to skip this, as it’s a light finish.

The colour is perfect for my pale skin and it allows my freckles to show through (I just build it very lightly). It’s also has a soothing, calming effect on my skin and lasts all day- I usually put my makeup on about 6.30 am and it lasts all day. I’m hoping that this continues as the weather gets colder!

You can buy Avon Calming Effects Illuminating foundation here for around £10 (but it is often on offer).



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