Thoughts: Seche Vite vs Revlon Quick Dry Topcoat

Through my recent nail experimentations, I’ve been after a topcoat that lasts. Here are my thoughts on two of the most popular…



I started off using Seche Vite after being recommended it by a few friends. At about a tenner, it’s not cheap, but I had Boots points and so it didn’t feel too extravagant to be buying it. Plus, I always think it’s better for me to pay a bit more for basic stuff than to have a manicure every few weeks.

At first, I loved it. It was quick and made my polish super shiny. But then little niggles started setting in… it was going gloopy and also shrinking my nail polish as it dried. Also, it STINKS. Massively. For such an expensive product, it wasn’t up to what I thought it should be.

In a search for a replacement, I knew I wanted another fast drying topcoat and bought the Revlon one when it was on some kind of offer (maybe 3 for 2 on Revlon, I can’t remember!) Anyway, it’s about £6, so cheaper than Seche. This one, for me, is definitely a keeper.

It’s much thinner than the Seche and, ergo, easier to work with. It does dry quickly, although I’m not sure it has the bonding properties of Seche. Also, it doesn’t smell anywhere near as bad as the other and it dried with an incredibly shiny finish. I mean REALLY shiny. It’s also pretty forgiving over any slight imperfections. Win!

Have you used either of these?


One thought on “Thoughts: Seche Vite vs Revlon Quick Dry Topcoat

  1. Lauren says:

    Seche Vite all the way. I’m on my third bottle. I’ve never experienced shrinkage and I love the strong smell (but then I like white spirit and petrol too!) I do agree that it gloops up before it should, you can buy an official de glooping liquid which is ridiculous, they should provide some with each bottle, so i’ve never bought it. I justify the expense because I dont buy expensive nail polishes 🙂

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