Oh, look- it’s time to baby-proof EVERYTHING

Hooray! D is trying to kill himself in new and interesting ways on an almost daily basis. It’s time to sort out proper safety measures around the house. Let me show you some ideas that we’re currently mooting, thanks to Safetots, chez Pomfrett.

One of D’s favourite past-times is to slide around on his belly (no proper crawling here!) and trying to annoy the cat. His latest trick is to try and eat the catfood. Ergo, we need to keep him fenced in to certain areas of the house and a baby gate has been indispensable- we use a BabyDan wooden gate like this one:

BabyDan MultiDan Gate Beechwood

I decided that a wooden one was best for our house as D is always banging his head and I figured, in what could possibly be flawed logic, that this would be less painful for bumped heads. Also, it fits the décor of our current house nicely!

Another trick of D’s is trying to get up our chimney. Yes, unfortunately he was born 150 years too late to be of optimum age for a chimney sweep, no matter how hard he tries. This means, although our fire doesn’t actually work (who can forget the gas-leak drama of last October?!), we need something more substantial that pillows to cordon off the area around the fire. Something like this fireguard would be perfect:

Safetots Original Fire Guard

It’s hard work when you have a kamikaze baby on your hands!

*Written in conjunction with Safetots*


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