Books 2013: September

My reading has slowed right down, now that work is back in full swing. I’ve also been re-reading some of the Fables graphic novels when my brain hasn’t been able to handle proper novels; if you love fairy tales and a twisted reality, I seriously recommend them! As they’re re-reads, I’m not going to include them in this month’s round up.

Also, I’d like to add that I have not bought ANY new books for two months now. It’s getting hard.

Frenzy! Haigh, Heath and Christie: The First Great Tabloid Murderers- Neil Root

Frenzy!: Heath, Haigh & Christie: The First Great Tabloid Murderers (Sept)

I knew of all of these murder cases- I read about Neville Heath earlier this year and Haigh and Christie are two of the most famous serial killers of the 20th Century. When I saw the title of this, I was reminded of the George Orwell essay ‘Decline of the English Murder‘, which talks about the relationship between readers, tabloids and criminals. As someone fascinated by the media and having some understanding of the way it works, I was interested to see how these complex relationships came about. Although the prose wasn’t always to my taste, it was an interesting read.

A Dangerous Inheritance- Alison Weir

A Dangerous Inheritance (Sept)

I find Alison Weir to generally be an excellent historian when it comes to the Tudor period (although my all time favourite will always be Antonia Fraser…), but slightly hit and miss when it comes to her novels. This was the last book I bought before my book ban and I was a bit ambivalent about it. However, I found it really compelling- if a bit daft and/or over-explained at times. It’s the stories of Richard III’s illegitimate daughter and Lady Jane Grey’s sister, both determined to discover what happened to the princes in the tower eighty years apart. A good historical yarn.

Gone Girl- Gillian Flynn

Gone Girl (Sept)

This book is addictive, but also kind of disappointing. I won’t give it away, but most people I’ve talked to about it have said the same things. I read it very, very quickly and was pleased to see Ben Affleck had been cast as the main character in the film version. I can see him in this role. But don’t even get me STARTED on him as Batman.

Have you read any of these? Thoughts?

All photos: Waterstones


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