Getting my bake on…

Tuesday is fast becoming my favourite day of the week, mostly because of Bake Off being on. Benn and I sit on the sofa, discussing the contestants and what baked product I want to buy as a result of this week’s show. However, I also have a baking deadline marching ever closer- D’s first birthday.

As I’m not a very good technical baker, I’ve decided to have a go at a Victoria Sponge cake and gussy it up with fancy birthday candles. I mean, it couldn’t be too hard, right?

Anyway, so I was looking on the Kleeneze site to see what nifty gadgets they have to help the cack-handed (cake-handed?) of us. Here’s my ultimate wishlist:

Picture of Cake Cutting Wire

This. Is. Genius. A cake cutting wire. If left to my own devices, I would only end up in A+E, so this will save both money and the ambulance service’s time. It’s only £3.99 too!

Picture of Cake Lifter

As well as being rubbish with cutting, I am also clumsy when it comes to moving cakes around. As I’m sure I don’t want to mar the memory of D’s first birthday by serving his grandparents Victoria Sponge mush instead of actual slices of cake, this cake lifter could be a godsend.

Picture of Morphy Richards Black Stand Mixer

I don’t have a food mixer- I have a hand whisk. I can’t be the only person who looks longingly at the hardware in TV chefs’ kitchens, can I? We don’t have room for one of these at the moment, but when we move I would LOVE a fancy stand mixer.

Mary Berry would be SO PROUD.

*Written in conjunction with Kleeneze*


One thought on “Getting my bake on…

  1. Tea with Erika says:

    I have a cake leveler now but I used to make do with dental floss and it worked just fine 🙂 You simply wrap it around the cake at the height you want to divide it and cross one end over the other – like you were tying a knot. I wouldn’t recommend you moving the sponge around after it is assembled. It’s much easier to pile the layers on the cake stand that you’ll be using at the party. As for the Kenwood mixer… It’s definitely a must have! I have my eye on one of those too 😉

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