Cheeky Monkeys Kids clothes

It’s a rare week that I don’t buy D some new clothes and, as it’s his birthday coming up and I know family and friends will inundate him with toys and books, I’ve decided to use it as an excuse to top up his wardrobe. I was asked to take a look at Cheeky Monkey Kids and I must admit I love all of it, especially clothing by Frugi Kids (seriously, I wish they made some of the little girl clothes in adult varieties- SO MANY FOXES!) and the really sweet leather shoes by Inch Blue.

For example, how cute is this blue themed outfit by Frugi Kids?

Image: Cheeky Monkeys Kids

Image: Cheeky Monkeys Kids

The t-shirt is £18 and the joggers are £20- I might add these to D’s birthday wishlist…

As well as being totally disbelieving that D will be one in five weeks, I also can’t quite accept that he’s on the verge of walking! However, until he starts walking properly, his feet still need protection when he’s out and about, which is where these cute leather shoes come in:

Images: Cheeky Monkey Kids

Images: Cheeky Monkey Kids

These come in loads of designs and are made with super soft leather, meaning little feet can breathe! Inch Blue shoes also come in ages from newborn to 18-months. I think D would look rather stylish wearing these when in his buggy…

Shoes £17

*Written in conjunction with Cheeky Monkey Kids*


One thought on “Cheeky Monkeys Kids clothes

  1. Lauren says:

    we have the rocket shoes! 🙂
    Just taken a look at the website, you’re right, the little girls clothes are AMAZINGLY CUTE! Athena would look cute in it all!

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