52 Weeks/52 Polishes: #16 Yves Rocher Parme

A friend recently brought two delicious purple shades from France for me to use as part of my 52 Weeks challenge and I was instantly drawn to the shade ‘Parme’, a dusky violet that almost borders onto plum (but not quite.) I’d never realised Yves Rocher did nail polish, but now I will definitely be checking them out, as I am super impressed with this polish!

I have to apologise, as the photos were taken after I’d worn the nail polish after four solid days (but, look, Ma! No chipping!)

20130908_105407As you can see, the colour is a beautiful, dark purple that looks amazing for autumn. Excuse the weird fingers and the Alison Weir novel used as a backdrop.

Application was easy; the brush is a great size for precise application. I would say that I found the first coat a bit streaky, but the second righted it. The above is two coats.

The most impressive thing about this polish is its longevity. There was nothing but a TINY chip on day 3 of wearing. I removed it after five days as  it was starting to look a bit tired, but not chipped. I think, off the top of my head, that this is the longest lasting of the sixteen polishes I’ve tried thus far. Fantastic.

Day applied: Wednesday

Day of first chip: Friday (evening)

Day of removal: Sunday


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