Revamping D’s Room

As I mentioned yesterday, we’re looking at moving in the next few months and I’ve started to think about D’s room. At the moment, he has a tiny, undecorated box room and a secondhand cot. As good as it is, it looks like we might have to get a new cot or cot bed, as he is so tall now I’m worried he’ll topple out of it when he stands up in a morning! Even though we’ve lowered the cot to its lowest setting. The NCT shop has a great range of baby cribs and cots and I’ve been taking a nosy round the site. If we could afford it, I’d love something like this, that turns into a little toddler bed:

I remember when I was little, we had a sheepskin rug in mine and my sister’s room. It was a lovely thing first thing on a winter morning to put my feet on its soft, warm squishiness. I’d quite like D to have his own- and The Little Green Sheep has a range of baby sheepskins that would look quite nice. I prefer the naturally coloured ones.

Baby Sheepskin Rug - Natural

Image: The Little Green Sheep

Finally, how cute is this quilt?! D actually has a matching fabric toy box (which I have already decided will be mine for knitting purposes when he grows out of it) and I love the idea of a pirate theme for his room. I think it would make quite a nice wall hanging once D grew out of his cot.

Pirate Patchwork Cot Quilt

Image: NCT Shop

*Written in conjunction with The Little Green Sheep*


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