My life in perfumes….

Recently, I’ve fallen in love with Marc Jacobs’ Honey perfume and I’m hoping that through my Operation Use Stuff Up, I can save up some money towards buying a bottle of it (I’m at about £17 in just over a month!) The thing is, I’m not really a perfume girl. I tend to solidly stick to one perfume for a while and then move on. I thought today I might discuss my perfume relationships- and also why we broke up.

Perfume 1- Anais Anais (my perfume aged 18-20)

Image: The Perfume Shop

This was my first ‘proper’ perfume (I don’t count my infatuation with Impulse Zen and O2!) My first serious, long term boyfriend would buy me this for my birthday or Christmas and I would wear it all the time. What’s weird is that it’s a really, really girly light scent and I was the stereotypical tomboy. My clothes and my perfume didn’t really go together, but I loved this. I stopped wearing it after we broke up and I’ve never worn it since. To be honest, I think it would be a bit TOO girly for me these days.

Gwen Stefani- LAMB (my perfume aged 22-24)


Benn’s mum bought me the gift set of this one Christmas and I loved it- it was fresh and a bit edgy, even if the body lotion did bring me out in a burning rash… I’ve never been shy about my love of Gwen and I was happy with this perfume- but I never wore it much! It was so pretty, but a bit too full on for work (in my mind, anyway.) I don’t think you can buy this any more, which is a shame.

L’Occitane Pivone Flora (my perfume aged 27)

Image: L’Occitane

I think I still have this somewhere, but it disappeared in the move. This perfume is special as it’s the one I wore on my wedding day. I chose it as its main note is peonies (and the bottle is inspired by it) and my wedding flowers were peonies and calla lillies. What is great about this fragrance is that it’s pretty without being OTT and just made me feel confident on the biggest day of my life. I also smelled AWESOME.

Viktor and Rolf- Flowerbomb (my perfume now)

Image: The Perfume Shop

This perfume came at a really important time for me last year; after I had D, I was determined to have something that made me feel pretty and ‘normal’ again and I decided that perfume was the thing. Benn and I spent ages in Boots smelling all the perfumes and this was my favourite. However, I thought it was so expensive that I would never get a bottle. In the end, I managed to use a combination of Christmas money and Advantage Card offers to buy a bottle and I’ve not regretted it. When I wear this, I feel confident and happy and not ‘just’ a mum; buying this was about claiming something for myself. If I’m leaving the house for more than ten minutes, I’ll be wearing this (people have also commented that D often smells of it!) It is just BEAUTIFUL.

What’s your favourite perfume? Any you’re embarrassed about having loved?


2 thoughts on “My life in perfumes….

  1. TheBigForest says:

    Eau Sauvage – a wonderfully mens (because Im a bloke) eau de toilette which I started wearing when I was going through my 60’s suit phase. It was launched in 1966. My other favourite is Citrine by Pecksniffs. Regret? Any of those 70’s cedar/musk/orange unisex fragrances I bought when I was about 12 because I thought they were ‘sophisticated’ and ‘grown up’. I must have smelt like a pine forest with someone peeling an orange.
    Fragrances we like on women? Ma Griffe by Carven (another smell from the past – late 40’s) , Mitsouko by Guerlain too. And not so good…White Diamonds and Youth Dew. Bleugh!

    Flowerbomb is wonderful by the way.

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