Steph does fashion (sort of): My picks for A/W from Scarlett Fashion

I was recently contacted by Jessica of Scarlett Fashion to see if I’d like to do a ‘highlights’ post of my favourite pieces for autumn from the website. As is well known, I am an autumn/winter girl when it comes to clothes and I don’t consider myself terribly ‘fashionable’, but I do have a certain look I like, especially when at work. Although I am trying to buy more secondhand clothing, I do buy a few key pieces new on occasion.

One of the key parts of my wardrobe is knitwear. I am a knitter, but I love knitwear. Knitting a whole cardigan or jumper can be onerous, so I often look for pretty knitwear to add to my collection for when something is still on the needles.

Yumi Chic And Sparkling Knitted Cardigan Black

Now, this looks like a bog-standard cardi, but it’s not. I do love these traditionally shaped cardigans that are somewhere between a grandad cardi and a school cardi- they’re great for all occasions. But what’s special about this one is that it has a hint of sparkle running through the black, which I LOVE. So cool! This would look great with a cord skirt and some fab boots. Yumi Chic And Sparkling Knitted Cardigan in black (£35.99)

Scarf Paisley Print Light Pink

I often wear neutral colours at work, particularly in the darker months, but I do like to jazz up my outfits with a scarf or shawl wrapped round my neck. Apparently, this means I will be fashionable this year. Paisley is one of my favourite prints; it’s so classic and stylish.  Paisley scarf in light pink (£8.99). Also check out the beautiful other scarves- I could happily wear them all!

Yumi Forest Silhouette Dress

If you asked me what my favourite piece on the whole of the website was, it would be this. I have no idea if it would suit me, but I am in love and can see this as a beautiful dress to wear to evening dos and just when I want to feel a bit glam and grown up. Just gorgeous. Yumi Forest Silhouette Dress (£45.00) To be fair, I am in love with all of the Yumi stuff on Scarlett Fashion, so it’s a no-brainer that I included this!

Missco Girl Satchel in Phoenix

Finally, I know this is S/S ’13, but I love this bag! It’s so cheerful and would be lovely in the dark, dank days of winter- and orange and red are perfectly autumnal aren’t they? Missco Girl Satchel in Phoenix (£45.00)

(Just so you know- I wasn’t paid to write this post. I genuinely love the stuff for sale on Scarlett Fashion and wanted to show you my favourite pieces!)


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