52 Weeks/52 Polishes: #14 Barry M Gelly Hi Shine in Watermelon

This is the first polish in the series that I have loathed. LOATHED. I love dark greens, as a rule, but everything else about this polish put me off.


The formula is thick and gloopy, meaning lots of swearing went on while I was painting my nails. Also, I’m glad this wasn’t a rushed ‘do it while the baby is napping’ job, because imagine HOW MUCH WORSE it would be if it was. The brush could not control the polish, I had a hell of a time clearing up the mistakes afterwards. It’s just so thick- above is two coats, but one would have been sufficient.

Because of the thickness, this chipped like billy-o almost as soon as it was dry. As it’s such a dark colour, there was no getting away from this. Had I been at work, I would have zapped it off immediately, but because I’m lazy, I left it on for far too long and fumed a bit. I apologise to any friends who saw me last week to whom I raised my hands and wailed, ‘LOOK AT THE STATE OF THESE!’ Soz.

Anyway, final verdict? Gorgeous colour, good price, rubbish formula.

Colour: Watermelon

Day of application: Sunday

Day of first chip: Sunday

Day of removal: Wednesday



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