Whittard Tea: Rhubarb and Cream

The last in my trio of Whittard’s teas to review, I am happy to say is my favourite! I’ve mentioned before about my love of rhubarb and Rhubarb and Cream is a lovely tea.

Rhubarb and Cream

Image: Whittard

The taste of rhubarb, although not as sweet as the rhubarb in the rooibos Rhubarb and Custard by Bluebird Tea Co., is lovely and rich. I would say that this is a rhubarb tea for those drinkers who like their teas to be more subtle. The vanilla is just right- it balances the rhubarb and the rich, malty black tea and gives a light sweetness to the overall flavour.  I think there is a danger with rhubarb flavoured food and drink to be tart, sour or just in your face, but here Whittard have got the balance just right. This is a lovely tea for first thing in the morning: cheerful, warming and it smells divine!

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