Whittard tea: Apple Crumble

This is the second of the three Whittard dessert-themed teas that I was sent to review. Apple Crumble is a wonderfully flavoursome tea that would be perfect for an early autumn cuppa.

Apple Crumble

Image: Whittard

A strong black tea base is lifted by a mixture of apple, vanilla and the spice that is autumn to me- cinnamon. It’s a really lovely, satisfying flavour- just like a really good apple crumble- that I like especially on rainy cool days. It just felt odd drinking this during the heatwave! The sweetness is also perfect for when you have a sugar craving and no chocolate in the house (ask me how I know this!) I also found that a Hobnob makes an excellent dunking biscuit for this tea, as the oatiness works for the ‘crumble’.

If you’re a fan of apple and cinnamon, this is the tea for you!

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