All Things Nice Swap package!

A while back, I organised a little swap here on the ol’ blog. In a complicated move, I sent to Sandra of Beauty Balm, who sent to Kel of Kel Loves, who in turn sent to me. Confusing! Anyway, Kel completely spoilt me AND did her homework!


How pretty is the paper?! Also, the balls of wool weren’t wrapped. I will be using these to make some small toys for D, as they’re the perfect type for that sort of knitting.

Then, I opened the packages and genuinely ‘Oooooohed’!


Although my photo isn’t great, I can assure you that the swap package was! Although I hadn’t mentioned it in my email, Kel had picked up on my love of Alice in Wonderland and bought me a pair of sweet little earrings, which I will make sure I wear when I teach the novel!

There’s also a gorgeous Yorkshire rose and poppyseed exfoliating soap, which I’m really looking forward to using and, as soon as I sniffed it, it reminded me of home!

A little owl notepad which will be going on my desk at work.

A stir-in hot chocolate with marshmallows that I might save until it gets to be proper hot chocolate weather in a month or so,

Some rose and cinnamon tea from a tea company I’ve never heard of before (there will be a review of this soon!)

Some Sally Hansen nail polish in a gorgeous turquoise-y teal- I’ve never tried Sally Hansen colours before.

The thing that made me ‘oooooh’ the most and shows that Kel is good at this kind of thing: an Illamasqua nail polish which is red glitter. She remembered that I’d mentioned on Twitter a while back that I got married in ruby slippers and thought of that when she saw this! How cool is that??

Finally, some jelly beans. I LOVE jelly beans and these did not last long at all!

I’m thinking of maybe doing something similar in the run up to Christmas. Would anyone be interested?


2 thoughts on “All Things Nice Swap package!

  1. Hannah Ackroyd says:

    Ooh what a lovely parcel! Me and Julia have just got ourselves sorted with the swap and are up to the fun bit of shopping now 😀 I’d definitely be interested in another swap 🙂

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