52 Weeks/52 Polishes: #12 Barry M Nail Paints Cyan Blue

I’m not ashamed to admit that I painted my nails this colour as it was the closest thing I had to a TARDIS blue. And yes, I was painting them as Peter Capaldi (woo!) was announced. It’s also come to my attention that I have never actually tried a Barry M nail polish before I tried this. Bad form, Pomfrett, bad form!


Although blue can be an odd colour for me, I love this- it’s so vibrant and cheering. It’s definitely staying in my ‘keep’ pile of polish (seriously, it’s a rare person who comes by my house and doesn’t leave with at least one bottle of nail polish that I’ve decided doesn’t suit me.) I found that it went on like a dream and above is two coats, with no ‘base’ colour- although, of course I always have a basecoat.

To be honest, given how cheap Barry M is, I wasn’t too bothered that it chipped quite quickly, although the first chip was a result of me fighting with some packing tape, hardly a natural chip!

Colour: Cyan Blue

Day applied: Sunday

Day of first chip: Monday

Day of removal: Wednesday

I know Barry M polishes have a huge fanbase- which colours should I check out next?


One thought on “52 Weeks/52 Polishes: #12 Barry M Nail Paints Cyan Blue

  1. Badschnoodles says:

    I LOVE Barry M nail polishes – they are Vegan! Plus there is a huge range of colours and effects ones. I’ve been wearing Key Lime this summer. Bright green šŸ˜‰

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