Some recent days out

I like mixing up my usual posts with little snippets of what’s going on Chez Pomfrett, even though I’m not sure anyone else is terribly interested! But, what with the lovely weather recently and my parents visiting, we got around a bit more than usual.

When my parents took D for a bit, Benn and I decided to take a stroll to our local park. One of my favourite things about this park are the ‘Preston Twins’, two huge, 400-year-old elms. The info tells us that they’re thought to possibly be the oldest surviving elms in the whole entire world.


I mean think what these trees have lived through- the end of the Elizabethan age, Shakespeare, the French Revolution, two World Wars… it’s properly awe-inspiring and is one of those things that makes you feel pretty tiny.

This year, the park has also used two of the old bowling greens to become two wildflower meadows for the benefit of bees and wildlife. Also, human inhabitants of the area can take what they think are arty looking photos. Here are my attempts:



I’d like to thank Pic Monkey for making me seem more artistic than I actually am.

I think Benn thought I was a bit odd when all I wanted to do was sit by these little meadows for a bit. But they were so pretty!

The day after, my parents and I took D to Middle Farm, which is a working farm near Lewes. I’ve been once before about two years ago. On that occasion, I was licked by a cow.

Stupidly, I didn’t take many pictures of actual animals, but I can assure you that calves are SO CUTE and that I stroked a massive, thick looking horse, despite my fear of the bloomin’ things. D was very taken with some chickens that looked like they were wearing bloomers with dusters for slippers! I think if I got him some for his first birthday, I may end up being divorced.

If you have kids under 6, I’d recommend taking a picnic to Middle Farm; there’s lots of demonstrations and most of the animals are fairly amenable (the ones that aren’t are helpfully labelled as such.)

Anyway, here is a cute picture of D:


Have you been up to anything fun recently?


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