52 Weeks/52 Polishes: #11 Models Own Iced Neons in Luis Lemon

After having a bit of a hit and miss experience with the last Models Own Iced Neon I tried, I decided to have another go. Although yellow is not usually my colour (it can make me look more than a tad jaundiced), I figured that a bright neon yellow would be perfect for the summer we’re currently having.


I have a couple of issues with this polish:

1) What’s with the name? There are loads of adjectives you could use for a bright, neon yellow (yes, my camera hasn’t done it justice. Trust me, it’s BRIGHT.) Luis Lemon is the best they could come up with? Right-o.

2) This is very, very sheer and streaky as hell, although it does dry out evenly. That there in the photo is three coats. You can still seem my nail (and again, I’m at pains to point out they’re not as grubby as the polish makes them appear to be.)


3) The colour is actually glorious and didn’t make me look washed out.

4) The longevity of the polish is OK.

I also changed my topcoat from this week. The heat seems to have made my Seche Vite go a bit thicker than I would like, so I’ve switched to Revlon Quick Dry Topcoat, which isn’t as thick, but still dries quickly to a high shine. It’s also a bit cheaper!

Colour: Luis Lemon

Day applied: Sunday

Day of first chip: Tuesday

Day of removal: Wednesday


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