52 Weeks/52 Polishes: #10 Avon Color Trend in Green Morph

Prepare yourself for the weirdest colour I’ve come across so far in the challenge. I give you: Green Morph.

Green MorphThis is the swatch on the Avon website. I was expecting a deep, metallic purple with green holographic speckles. However, what it looks like is this:


To me, it’s a shiny coffee-coloured nude, right? But then you see it in this light:


There is a *hint* of green shimmer in the polish that makes it very pretty, but it’s really a neutral with a secret ‘wow’ factor in natural light. I’m not sure what I think of it, but I do like the polish itself, even if I was surprised by what it actually was. What’s brilliant about it is that it’s a perfect work colour, but the holographic shimmer brings it up to another level.

Coat-wise, that’s three on my nails in the photo. I’d recommend a base colour- maybe a pink or nude- as you can still see my nail line underneath (and no, they’re not filthy, despite what it looks like!) On the plus side, when this chipped it was pretty unnoticeable! This is a cheap polish, usually around £3 but often on offer, and I would recommend it, despite the oddness of colour!

Colour: Green Morph

Day applied: Tuesday

Day first chipped: Wednesday

Day removed: Saturday


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