My summer plans

Why, hello there! Welcome to my 300th post. Madness. Anyway, this week is a bit hectic, as term time finishes and my parents come down for a visit from Oop North. What will be nice over the summer is that I can write posts a bit more freely than I have been doing. But other than blogging, what will I be up to? (WARNING: Sort of lifestyle post coming up.)

1. Spending time with the baby


“Get off my lawn!”

This, of course, is my priority. I have really found it hard working four days a week; I’ve only seen D a couple of hours a day and I usually leave before he’s out of bed in a morning. I’ve also found myself a bit out of the loop with his routine. We’ve been very lucky that my mother-in-law has been looking after him for us and that in September, a friend will be taking over childcare duties, but it’s still been a wrench. Happily, D isn’t bothered that I go to work and usually greets me on my arrival home with a massive grin, which is always lovely. So I plan on spending lots of time with him over the holidays, probably in the park or watching Postman Pat, or reading The Gruffalo for the millionth time. I’m also looking forward to the fact, that, from next term I will be working three days, which will make SUCH a difference for the whole family.

2. I’m teaching myself Latin

Image: Cambridge Latin Course

Quite a few people think I’m a bit bonkers to be doing this one. I’ve borrowed the Cambridge Latin Course book and am slowly working my through the translations. I like it for a few reasons: it’s a bit like a puzzle; I’ve always been interested in where language comes from and I like that it’s not a language I’d have to do a speaking and listening unit in. My hearing impairment has always made listening to people speak other languages difficult. What are the chances of a Roman coming back from the dead and wanting a chat? ZERO.

3. I’m starting the 30-Day Shred


Dear God, I am going to regret this. However, since going back to work, I’ve felt sluggish and I’ve been eating a lot of crap (my colleagues are a bad influence, it seems.) Also, I’ve not been walking anywhere near as much as I did on maternity leave, so I’m desperate to get some exercise going. My plan is to get up at 6 am as normal for a workday, do the exercises, shower and be ready for D getting up. I’ve done this workout once before and I could barely walk the next day. Benn has challenged me that I can’t go longer than three days, so we’ve wagered on it- loser buys the takeaway of the winner’s choice. I HAVE TO PROVE HIM WRONG. So if you see me limping/groaning/crying, you know I’m doing it to prove a point. I promise not to spam you with photos of my ‘progress’ (if there actually is any.)

4. Read Rebecca

Image: Wikipedia

I’ve never read it. I should. So I will.

What are your summer plans?





2 thoughts on “My summer plans

  1. Julia says:

    Summer plans: go camping for the first time (aargh), plan a party for a very sure of herself soon to be 5 year old, go to the seaside, meet friends, try to relax!

  2. Trona says:

    Latin’s a fascinating language, I did it very briefly on an OU course, you’ll love learning it. I’m trying to keep as stretchy as I can before I go into the third trimester, which I’m dreading because of my chronic pain and spinal injuries. I’d also really like to get to an art gallery soon, oh and reading. I like a lot of French theory, Foucault, Derrida etc so I’d like to expand my knowledge x

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