52 Weeks/52 Polishes: #7 Maybelline Color Show in Brick Shimmer

A few weeks ago, I tried a gold nail polish  and decided that the colour wasn’t for me, but that a bronze/rose gold colour might be what I was after. The day after I posted that review, I was in Tesco and found that not only did they have an offer on Maybelline polishes, but that they had the perfect bronze colour!


I wore three coats in order to achieve an opaque finish and I’m really impressed with how easily this went on. I think I’m a metallics convert! This didn’t have the grittiness that some metallic polishes can have. It was also one of those colours I would catch myself looking at while I was typing and thinking, ‘Yeah, I like this.’ It’s possibly my favourite colour so far.


This seems to be another case of a reasonably priced nail polish outperforming its more expensive counterparts as well- I had on extremely minor chips for the whole of the five days that I wore this polish. I actually had to take it off because it was wearing away at the cuticles! It survived bathing the baby, washing up and washing my hair. Not bad for a couple of quid, eh?

Colour: Brick Shimmer

Day applied: Saturday

Day of first chip: Tuesday (very, very tiny!)

Day removed: Thursday


2 thoughts on “52 Weeks/52 Polishes: #7 Maybelline Color Show in Brick Shimmer

  1. Mitzi says:

    OK….trying over a year after you did….Only saw it now and it is pretty. Just put it on however and hope it wears as well as yours. Thank you for the review.

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