Reasons I’m both for and against summer…

Ah summer. As a girl of Irish/Welsh descent with pale skin, reddish hair and freckles, it is not my favourite time of year. However, rather than writing a rant about how much I loathe summer, I thought I would put forward reasons both why I like AND dislike it. You can’t say I’m not fair. At least I’m not massively pregnant this year, either. Swollen ankles are not fun.

Reasons I like summer:


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  • Flowers- I’m lucky in that I don’t get hayfever. Usually, I would have been growing flowers in our garden- particularly sweet peas- but this year I haven’t managed to get outside. Next year I’m planning peonies, roses, sunflowers and, of course, sweet peas!
  • Bees- see them before they’re gone and the world ends because of this. Also, they’re cute and furry and a bit daft.
  • Thunder storms- I love thunder storms, particularly those with fork lightning. There’s something so visceral and awesome about the weather deciding to throw what is essentially a meteorological tantrum.
  • Evening barbecues- we haven’t been to any of these this year, but there’s still time! The evening is my favourite time of the summer day; it’s still light, but not too hot. Perfect.
  • Holidays- I am a teacher and, despite what a certain government minister will have you believe, holidays for us aren’t all jollies. I will have to work hard at some point over the six weeks. But I do like the freedom I have as to when I work and I have a stack of things I want to get on with over the break. It will also be lovely to be back with D full time.
  • Wimbledon- I finally feel that after years of watching it with both my mum and Benn that I’m actually starting to understand what the hell is going on. It’s also a good sport to knit to.
  • Ice cream- I don’t have to explain this one.

Reasons I don’t like summer:


  • Sunburn- I haven’t been sunburnt for a few years, but I remember being badly burnt as a kid and my mum applying cold teabags to the afflicted area (yes, it really does help.) The summer is a constant battle for me not to get sunburnt. Some days I just admit defeat and stay indoors.
  • Suncream lotion- I hate it. I hate the smell, I hate the texture, I hate the fact that it’s sticky (even the non-sticky ones) and the fact that I have to wear factor 50 to be able to function in anyway normally, short of covering myself head to toe in fabric.
  • Summer fashion- I don’t like summer fashion. It’s often impractical for our British weather anyway. Who needs neon yellow shorts paired with neon pink sandals and a neon green t-shirt when it’s chucking it down for most of the time? I’m definitely a tights, skirt, boots and cardi girl. Also, at least in the winter, you can LAYER to control your body temperature. You can’t strip your skin off in summer when you get too hot, can you?
  • Heat- just no. I am both of celtic descent and a knitter. Heat is the enemy of both my peoples. Also, it makes my makeup smudge and that is never a good look.
  • Annoying wildlife- seagulls, wasps, other people not controlling their dogs so that the aforementioned canine interrupts your picnic and tries to run off with the Kettle Chips, as happened to us recently. The ‘annoying wildlife’ applies equally to their owners as to the dogs.
  • Children being on holiday at the same time as me- I am aware this is an occupational hazard, but still.
  • Tourists- One day, I am going to do a post on here for ‘Brighton Bingo’: a drinking game based around all the annoying stereotypes we get in this fair city. If you’re a tourist who moves at a reasonable speed, doesn’t hog the pavement and is generally polite, please continue with your sightseeing. If, however, you are a gaggle of language students who have just decided to stop and stand outside Starbucks on the busiest street in Brighton, a hen/stag party dressed up in KERAZY costumes or a hipster taking photos of the same things (graffiti, beach huts) everyone else does with an equally enormous camera, please get out of my way.

I think this was a balanced, rational argument at all points.

4 thoughts on “Reasons I’m both for and against summer…

  1. Bee says:

    I loved this Steph! So many reasonable and rational arguments for both. I totally agree about suncream though, have you tried P20? It’s pricey but oh boy it’ changed my life. Not sloppy, sticky and only ONE application!

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