Operation Use Stuff Up

I am rubbish at spending bans, especially as now I have some money after going back to work since maternity leave! However, when I saw that Kat on Tales of a Pale Face was doing a ‘use it up’ challenge, I had to join in.

The premise is simple- use stuff up and ‘reward’ yourself when you’ve done so. At the end of the challenge, use the ‘reward’ money to buy yourself something nice. The idea is, you spend less, use more stuff that you have and get a nice treat at the end of it.

I’m copying Kat in that I’ll put away a small amount of money in my Doctor Who tin for anything I use up:

50p for each sample

£1 for for smaller products and stuff I use most frquently: bath stuff, mascara, face wash

£2 for bigger stuff: shower gel (I don’t have as many showers as baths!), moisturisers, nail polish top/base coats etc.

And yes, I’ll have a spreadsheet to keep track!

I’m also going to apply this logic to other things I have, but in a simpler way: no buying new stationery/yarn/books until I’ve used up at least two sets, knit two projects or read two books.

It’ll be interesting to see how much I’ve saved in two months’ time! It’d be lovely if I could afford something from Paul and Joe or Guerlain… I’ll have to have a think!



4 thoughts on “Operation Use Stuff Up

  1. Alice says:

    Excellent idea! I’m trying to use as many of my samples as possible before moving them with me to yet another new place. I’ve got 5 days left and more BB creams than I can shake a stick at so might not work!

  2. Julia says:

    It’s a good idea; I have more make up than I ever use, as I am too lazy to put it on in the mornings. Perhaps I should join in too, get rid of some stuff, and replace it with fabric and yarn. Another using it up challenge of course.

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