Bluebird Tea Co. Summer Teas

Bluebird Tea Co. is fast becoming a favourite in our house for their flavoured teas- I reviewed their rooibos teas a few weeks back. I’m pleased to let you know that they’ve just released their summer teas- and they’re cracking!

Image: Bluebird Tea Co.

Image: Bluebird Tea Co.

I’ve been lucky enough to try three of the new blends; Mowgli’s Fire Chai is my absolute favourite. Although I don’t usually drink chai in the summer, the addition of fruit to the usual chai blend is lovely. Plus it’s rooibos, so I can have it before bed. Keep your eyes peeled later in the summer when I’ll be giving you my top three chai teas for autumn!

Enchanted Narnia is a beautiful Turkish Delight inspired blend (and we all know HOW MUCH I enjoy anything Turkish Delight!) The element that takes this to a different level than previous rose/lemon blends is the addition of cocoa shells, which gives the flavour of old-fashioned Turkish Delight. Heavenly.

Lemon Sherbet is a tangy, VERY lemon-y green tea! There’s not much to say about this one really, except it’s lovely on a summer’s morning. Very refreshing and sparky.

The one I haven’t tried is Copacabana Coola, a fruit tea. But with flavours of mango, papaya, orange and passionfruit, you’d be hard pressed to find a more summer-friendly drink, right? And I bet it’s marvellous as an iced-tea!

You can buy all of these teas here.


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