All things nice swap…

I’ve participated in a fair few swaps in my time and I have to say, they’ve been a bit hit and miss. However, I do love putting a package together and waiting to see what turns up!

I was recently mooting on Twitter whether a crafty/stationery/other nice things swap would be a good idea and a few expressed an interest. So here goes:

1) Leave me your email address so I can hook people up. Let me know if you’re happy to send internationally or just within a certain country. Sign ups close July 14th.

2) When you receive your email with your swap buddy, communicate with them and let them know the type of thing you might like to receive. It can be anything (legal!)- tea, craft supplies, stationery, makeup, bath stuff, chocolate, whatever. Decide between you how much you would like to spend. Bear in mind postage and, if you’re sending to another country, what you are and aren’t allowed to send.

3) Put your package together. Aim for it to arrive in your participant’s postbox within one month of agreeing what to swap. Get proof of postage. I won’t be responsible for anything going awry!

4) Post your swapbox on your blog. I know a couple of people have said they’d like to participate if they don’t have a blog. Maybe your swap partner can post both boxes on their blog. Work it out between yourselves.

Any questions? Get in touch with me on Twitter: @wuthering_alice



9 thoughts on “All things nice swap…

  1. buckleupshoes says:

    I love this!
    Would love to share some crafting goodies, cruelty free products and teas. I agree with comment above that it would be easier to do UK so we can spend less on postage.
    email is

  2. phoenixdarkknight says:

    Doing this before I forget(!) – phoenix.darkknight at 🙂 UK best for me, I’ve been hit with international postage too many times (and prices have just gone up again!)

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