52 Weeks/52 Polishes: #5 Models Own Iced Neon in Pukka Purple

I love the colours in the Models Own Iced Neon Collection, but I found this polish really disappointing on a couple of levels.


Firstly- it is really tricky to apply. You can see my cackhanded job above (also- apologies for horrific cuticles.) I found the formula quite thick and could only bring myself to to apply one coat. It was opaque too after that single coat and I couldn’t face having a gloopy nail! As usual, I used the sticky sandwich method, but to avail, it seems.

Secondly- this chipped as soon as it dried. I haven’t had that with any other polish so far. I don’t know if it’s a combination of how I applied it, the thickness of the polish or what, but that’s what happened. I kept it on for a couple of days anyway, just to see how it wore. This pained me, as I hate having chipped nails, but I’m willing to suffer for my art.

I will be giving this a second go though, as I love the colour; the photo doesn’t do it justice. If it’s still a bit temperamental, I’ll use it as a nail art polish, so it will still have a lease of life.

Have you used this?

Colour: Pukka Purple

Day applied: Friday

Day first chipped: Friday (extensive chipping occurred over the wear period)

Day removed: Monday


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