Twinings’ Afternoon Tea Collection

I received a lovely surprise from Twinings recently when they sent me one of their Afternoon Tea tins. It’s such a good idea that I had to share it with you!


What I really love about this is that there really  is something for everyone in this tin- from the ‘builder’s tea’ (English Breakfast) fan to those who want something a bit more delicate or even herbal. I also really love this tin! It looks great in the kitchen and I plan to fill it up with my baking attempts once I’ve used the tea up.

So, what’s inside?


Firstly, I love the little insert with information about the tea; this would make a lovely gift for someone who might just be dipping their toe in the waters of tea experimentation and a guide from a respected tea house is obviously a plus. I still think that Twinings is the best bet for people who want to try new teas, but aren’t sure where to start.

So, on to the teas:

English Breakfast– Whenever I ask my sister what tea she wants, she narrows her eyes and says ‘normal’. So this is what I make her! I think a good, malty English Breakfast is always a good start to an afternoon tea. For me it goes especially well with the sandwiches, as the flavour isn’t so delicate that it gets washed out by the fillings.

Traditional Afternoon– For me, this tea goes best with the scones. I always find it’s a lighter, almost sweeter tea than the English Breakfast and works well with a good (for me, plain) scone with lots of clotted cream and strawberry jam. LOVELY.

Earl Grey- Earl Grey is perhaps my favourite of the ‘normal’ teas in my house and I’ve loved it since I was about twelve. I can even remember my first cup of it. Is that weird? Anyway, Earl Grey goes very well with the little pastries and cakes that make up the end of an afternoon tea, as it’s refreshing and light.

Peppermint– I love mint tea. My current favourite is Twinings’ Butter Mint Sensation tea, a mint and vanilla herbal tea which tastes like Murray Mints. I really like the inclusion of a herbal option in this set, as peppermint is the perfect way to finish a decadent afternoon tea- it helps with digestion and just refreshes your palate. Yes, I know that makes me sound like I’m on Masterchef.

You can buy the Twinings Afternoon Tea Collection here for £8.50.


3 thoughts on “Twinings’ Afternoon Tea Collection

  1. Tea with Erika says:

    That’s brilliant! I liked the way you paired the flavours – very connoisseur-like 😉 I’m not much into mint/peppermint, I’d prefer green tea to fill in the digestive role. Or my favourite: Darjeeling.

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