On the needles…

Recently, I haven’t been showing you much of what I’m making. Baking has been a bit of a disaster, to be honest. But knitting is going fairly well and I have two projects on the needles that I thought I might share with you.

Firstly, I’m making what I like to think of as a ‘transitional cardi’. I need something that I can wear on a chilly late summer evening, or a slightly-warmer-than-average autumnal afternoon. I also had a cardigan that I’d started about five years ago which I no longer liked. Bonus: free yarn! So I chose Tappen Zee, a free pattern from Knitty. I wanted a fairly simple cardigan and this ticked all the boxes, especially as I don’t know exactly how much wool I have.

You can see my progress here:


I like this pattern because it’s dead easy and fairly mindless. It’s been perfect to knit while watching The Fall.

Secondly, I needed a portable pattern to do while I wait for my lift-share at work to be ready to go (they like to stay later, I don’t have lots to do at the moment after work…), so I chose Jasmin, a hair wrap featured in The Knitter Magazine and French Girl Knits Accessories. I’ve been after something to tie my hair out of my face so D doesn’t render me bald by Christmas and this is pretty and caught my eye immediately. I’m not mad-keen on the yarn, a recycled cotton/acrylic mix, and I’ve found the pattern unnecessarily complex. I couldn’t do the provisional cast on properly, so have decided to change the pattern a bit. I’ll go into detail when I blog about the finished product. It’s a nice pattern though and I’m sure I’ll like the finished item!


What have you been doing lately?


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