The Joy of Photography

In the last eighteen months, two things have happened that have greatly increased my photographic output: I started this blog and I produced a baby. It’s a running joke on the blog that it’s not my photos that sell it, but I do enjoy taking photos and I do have some photos I’m very proud of. Such as this one:


I don’t have fancy technology, but I do like to have a camera with me at all times. I hate missing a good photo opportunity! And as much as I like Instagram, I do miss the permanence of ‘real photos’, especially as I’ve taken so many of D as he grows up. Although I do have everything saved on the computer, what would happen if it suddenly broke? Or I lost the SD card with the photos on?  I do sometimes have prints created from my photos, but they often get lost and stuck in a drawer somewhere.

Bronte, the natural model...

Bronte, the natural model…

As a result, I’ve been looking at ways to collate D’s first year visually and found some really interesting options; one idea is putting them all into a photobook.. I really like this, as it’s more of a keepsake than a random album. It would also be lovely for D, when he’s older, to be able to look back on his first year chronologically.

Another idea I’ve had ever since D was born was a photo calendar for relatives for a Christmas present. Obviously it’s early to be mentioning the ‘C’ word, but as he’s 1 at the end of October, that would be the natural time to organise it! I can just imagine my mum and mother-in-law getting all gooey eyed over how much he’s grown…

This post was written in conjunction with Jessops Photography


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