52 Weeks/52 Polishes: #3 Ciate Paint Pots in Sand Dune

I am now taking this challenge so seriously, I have set up a spreadsheet.

Don’t mock.

Anyway, today’s polish was a freebie from Marie Claire a couple of months ago. You can tell this as it’s not really my usual kind of colour. I’m a bit too pale to successfully carry off gold, which I always think looks best with a tan. Unfortunately, ‘tan’ and ‘Steph’ are not words that go together in my case.


It’s photos like this that show why I’m just a girl trying out nail polishes, as opposed to a serious nail blogger…

I was actually really impressed with the formula of this polish; it glided on beautifully and the brush is a brilliant length. It’s also the perfect width for my freakishly small nails. Although I put two coats of this on, I think three would give a better coverage, especially with a pale metallic colour such as this.


What this looks like in natural sunlight…

Would I buy from this range? Yes! Actually, Ciate has a special offer with Marie Claire for 30% off full price (it’s usually around £9 a bottle) and I’m very tempted, except I can’t make up my mind!

I wore this for three days with no chipping. In the end, I took it off because I didn’t enjoy the colour. However, this doesn’t detract from my thoughts about the polish itself; it’s also inspired me to look for a bronze/rose gold colour which I think will match my skintone better. I do, however, currently have this on my toenails, so I don’t hate it!

Colour: Ciate Paint Pots in Sand Dune

Day applied: Tuesday

Day first chipped: It didn’t

Removed: Friday



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