Pekoe Tea Cherry Almond Black Tea

One of my most favourite flavours in the world is a combination of cherry and almond. I never say no to a cherry Bakewell (sorry, waistline!) and it is one of those tastes that brings back happy memories. So when I was placing an order with Pekoe for some of their tea filters, I sauntered to their flavoured tea selection and, well, the rest is history! Of course I placed some of this in my basket.

Cherry Almond

Image: Pekoe

The tea is a blend of black tea with fruit, petals, almond slices and cherry flavouring.

I must admit, the flavour was much more subtle than I was expecting. This is not necessarily a bad thing (every tea aficionado needs some subtlety in their tea cupboard), but it is something I’m unused to, as most flavoured teas are pretty in your face. As I don’t brew my teas that strongly, more subtle flavours can be lost- as was the case the first time I brewed this.

So, a stronger brew later and what’s my verdict? Well, this is a really pleasant tea. I’ve started switching my morning teas around and this is definitely on the rota. It’s got a sweet taste to it that’s not overpowering and it leaves a delicate after taste. The flavours work very well blended together, although I would like more almond in there, but that’s personal choice. I like my almond flavoured anything to have more than a hint of marzipan, but as ever, your mileage may vary!


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