52 Weeks/52 Polishes: #2 Collection Lasting Gel in Watermelon

Everywhere you look at the moment, there are new nail polishes coming out. Although I’m not a massive fan of ‘effect’ polishes, I have been drawn to the high-shine gel based ones. My first polish in this vein is Collection’s Lasting Gel polish in Watermelon.


Now, I really like the gel-like finish- even using Seche Vite, I think that the polish is shinier than your average. It also seems to dry really quickly (I used the sticky sandwich method, as usual.) It’s a high-shine coral pink, which does have a tendency to look much brighter in some lights. It’s a bit weird, but very pretty. I’m impressed that such a light colour only took two coats to go opaque. Also, very impressed with the wear time. By Tuesday evening, I had to take the polish off due to a broken nail, but the chipping was minimal, which was brilliant. I could have gone at least another two days, I reckon.


However, there are few minor points that I think could be improved on (for me- personal observations only!):

  1. I found the brush really quite wide for my nails. I admit, I have freakishly small, delicate hands (I wish the REST of me was as small and delicate…) but I keep seeing this brush compared with Essie’s brushes. I have no problem applying Essie polishes to my fingernails. I found this a little bit messy; the above photo was taken straight after application. It’s not as perfect as I would like.
  2. The range of colours could be bigger. I found the colour range a bit… uninspiring, although I did like this colour- even if I’m not sure it suits me! There is a lovely taupe as well that I might buy, but I wasn’t excited enough to buy more than one from the range. I usually love Collection’s range of colours, so would like to see this line expanded. I do keep nagging on Twitter. Sorry, Collection.

Colour: Collection Lasting Gel Polish in Watermelon (£3.19)

Day applied: Saturday

Day first chipped: Tuesday

Removed: Tuesday (I broke a nail!)


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