Metro Deco Parisian Floral Calm

If you know me, there are some things you will know I love:

-The 1930s (the nice bits, like the Mitfords, Jean Harlow and ladies starting to wear trousers. Not the ‘rise of fascism’ bits)


-Floral tea

One of my favourite cafes in Brighton is Metrodeco. I love its cool, authentic vintage vibe and their range of amazing teas that have been exclusively brewed for the cafe. It also became the place Benn and I would visit after the endless hospital visits when I was pregnant (when we found out we were having a boy, we told the people in the cafe and got a round of applause!) Although I love their teas, I have a special place in my tea cupboard for Parisian Floral Calm.

Parisian Floral Calm

Image: Metrodeco

As a rule, I generally don’t like chamomile-based teas, but I make an exception for this infusion! It’s made of chamomile, lavender, jasmine, lemonbalm  and rose petals (I may have missed something…) and has a wonderful floral smell- it really is amazing. It’s sweet and herbal,  the lavender gives it a depth and the jasmine and rose give it a perfumed note. Not your average herbal tea at all!

I brew it for a couple of minutes, so that it suits my taste; I like this to be smooth and not overpowering. It’s definitely a chamomile tea, but I find the rose petals give it a hint of juiciness and sweetness. My favourite time to drink this is when I’ve put the baby to bed for a nap- I need some ‘me’ time and I am usually frazzled by 10 am (when he’s been up for at least four hours! A baby who is into everything is HARD WORK!) I find the flavour is very calming- a good cuppa for reading a good book. Or in my case, taking to work for when I want to forget about my stress!

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