My essential skin products

Unbelievably, D is now seven months old (I KNOW!) and my body is slooooooooowly creeping back to something like it resembled pre-baby. One of the ways having a baby (temporarily) wrecked me was by making my skin going haywire.

One thing I have tried to maintain, throughout even the dark, early, sleepless days was some semblance of a skincare routine. Yes, this occasionally consisted of me just throwing water on my face but, as I wasn’t wearing a lot of makeup, I didn’t need to do much! However, the following products have been essential in getting me through a time when hormones have meant weird, weird changes to my skin (these will also work wonders if you’re normal and not pregnant!)

Naked Thirst Aid 12 Hour Moisturiser (£7.49)

Thirst Aid 12 Hour Moisturiser

Image: Naked

I’ve raved about this on Twitter, but I’ve never actually written about it on the blog! I use this every night (and if I’m not going out, during the day too- it’s a bit heavy for me for under makeup). It’s a rich, creamy moisturiser that has made my skin feel amazing, which I attribute to all the lovely oils in it. During the winter, this really made my skin soft and even helped soothe rough, eczema-ish patches. It was a godsend when I recently had very dry skin during a cold too. I have quite sensitive skin (even more so, once the baby was born!) and I really can’t imagine NOT having this. I may have stockpiled a couple of jars.

Facial Oils

I have become a convert to facial oils, after initially being wary of them. I will say now that I don’t think they would have done me many favours when I was pregnant, but since having D, I’ve found they’ve worked wonders on my skin. I use two- Argan 5+ Precious Oil Elixir, which I’ve reviewed a couple of times and Trilogy Rosehip Oil, which I had previously been using on my stretchmarks. I use the Argan 5+ last thing at night before my moisturiser (and I also stick it on my hair too after a shower!), as I think it’s heavier. The Trilogy I use in a morning after washing my face, but before my moisturiser. It’s a bit drier as an oil and I read somewhere that Miranda Kerr uses it all the time. If it’s good enough for her, it’s good enough for me!

I really think that these three products have helped my skin recover from winter, hormones and a lack of sleep.

What are your top three skin savers?


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