A Bank Holiday picnic…

I don’t often write spontaneous posts (mainly because my schedule and actual life mean I write posts in advance!) but we’ve had such a lovely afternoon, I thought I would share it with you.

We decided to go to a carnival at one of our local parks and meet some friends with a baby a little bit older than D for a picnic. I baked those brownies from last week, which went down well.

Whenever we go out, I have to make sure we have EVERYTHING D could possibly need. Luckily, I was sent a nifty baby organiser from Diono, (which will be reviewed on the baby blog on Friday), so I was able to stuff loads in it. By the end, I felt it was similar to Mary Poppins’ bag! We were all set for some al fresco dining.


It is vital that any bag for the baby holds AT LEAST a robot and a caterpillar…

The weather has been MUCH nicer than we expected, so of course plenty of suncream was slapped on (as I grumbled about how expensive baby suncream is.) We had a lovely stroll down to the park and D was very happy dozing in his buggy, his sun hat over his eyes. It makes him look like a little old man on a beach holiday to Scarborough. In the 1950s. All he needs is his string vest and he’s good to go.

The picnic wasn’t huge, but there were some nice bits of food. I may have eaten my bodyweight in saturated fat. I’d do it again, I tells ya.


I have a serious weakness for those crisps. It’s a disease. A delicious disease.

The temperature is just right for me; as a pasty northerner of Celtic extraction, summer is not my time. However, today was warm but not too hot and I was wearing factor 50 anyhow. I did keep reapplying cream to D though, in the vein of some crazed mother. D, on the other hand, was more interested in his ongoing quest to actually crawl or being fascinated with the feel of grass against his fingers. He has rarely been so engrossed.


Stylish baby is stylish

He’s on his way to crawling and it won’t be long now. He’s already into everything and I often find myself saying things like: “Please don’t chew on magazines, darling.” or “Mummy’s mascara isn’t for eating!” I think this says more about my housekeeping than anything else though.

All in all, a lovely afternoon. How have you spent your day today?


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