Heigh ho, it’s back to work I go…

As you read this, I will probably be ensconsed back behind my desk getting cross about the wi-fi at work. Yep, after eight months that have flown by, I’m back at work.  (It’s actually a bit of a cop-out, as I’m only going for one day and then it’s half-term, but I thought it would be good to get in and get organised.)

If I’m honest, I feel a bit ambivilent about going back to work. On the one hand, I really don’t want to leave D, no matter how annoying he can be when he’s teething/grumpy. I’ll never get this amount of time to just be with him again and I don’t really want to miss anything because I’m at work. On the other hand, it will be nice to see adults other than Benn and the postman on a regular basis. I’m also worried I’ll get CBeebies withdrawal.

Anyway, to soften the blow of going back, I have collected a few lovely things to cheer me up:


Marvel at how I have used effects and filters like a proper blogger would.

The notebook was bought from Paperchase for £8. I like it because the cover has a massive bird on it (obv) and it’s a soft cover too. This will be my planner and notebook in one; teacher planners are expensive and all my data is stored on my work laptop, so there’s no need for a dedicated ‘special’ planner. Also, this is cheery and more flexible in how I can use it.

The little boxes are SO. CUTE. I bought a pirate one because it says ‘Ahoy Matey!’ on it and I often refer to D as ‘matey’ and the fox one because, well, it’s a fox. I’m planning on making up teabags using tea filters and loose leaf tea and using these boxes to take them to work.


Finally, a brooch I had to have- I bought it from this seller on eBay. People who know me well know how superstitious I can be, especially when it comes to magpies. This brooch combines that old-fashioned jiggery-pokery with my love of William Morris (it’s a design from one of the Morris and Co. tiles.) I love this and will be wearing it proudly on whichever cardi I chose to wear today.

All I need now is a pencil case and some gel pens and I’m sorted.

Wish me luck!



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