Eteaket Flowering Teas

When I was offered the chance to try a couple of Eteaket’s flowering teas, I jumped at it! I’ve always been fascinated by flowering teas; they’re so pretty but they can also be hit and miss when it comes to flavour. I’m a massive fan of Eteaket’s other teas (seriously, check out their Royal Earl Grey, my usual ‘first cup of the day’!)

The teas are hand-sewn buds of premium green tea with blossom (either jasmine or rose) in the middle. You prepare them by placing the bud into hot water and watching it slowly unfurl. By the time it has uncoiled, you should have a perfect cup of tea.

I tried taking pictures of the tea, but they were rather unimpressive, so I’ve borrowed Eteaket’s gorgeous photos to show you the potential of the teas.

Jasmine Flower Blossom

Eteaket Jasmine Flower Blossom

Although my buds didn’t quite open as gorgeously as they do in the photos (I was using a small glass teapot, which meant that the buds could float around a bit), there’s still something wonderful about watching them open to reveal a tiny flower inside. The benefit to brewing the buds in a teapot is that you can see the flower emerge and then pour off the tea. I’m not a fan of leaving green tea too long after brewing, as I find it gets too bitter for my taste. By waiting for the tea to open, the flavour is perfect.

My favourite of the two is the jasmine, which is unusual for a self-confessed rose addict. Unlike a lot of commercial jasmine teas, this one is not heavily over perfumed; the flavour is clean and crisp. I think that this would be a wonderful palate cleanser for a dinner party. As a result of this trial, I am extremely tempted to buy some of Eteaket’s Jasmine Chun Hao tea. I’m a jasmine convert.

Rose Flower Blossom

Eteaket Rose Flower Blossom

Visually, the rose is my favourite- when you see the pinky red start to erupt, it’s really cool! Flavour-wise, again, it’s lovely, very fragrant and floral. I found that the time it took to fully open (I wish I’d timed it) meant that the tea was perfect. I’ve spoken before about how rose tea in particular can be over-brewed quite easily; this was done to perfection by the time the rose petals emerged. This is a definite for rose fans. It’s just, for me, the jasmine has slightly more of an edge and I can see more people liking it.

I would seriously consider buying some of these and pairing them with a small glass teapot as a gift. They are SO pretty and perfect for the tea connoisseur…

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