butter LONDON: Yummy Mummy

I have a real love affair at the moment with butter LONDON and I don’t quite know why. Anyway, I’ve been picking up the polishes on eBay and this was one that I was quite intrigued by.

I’m not usually a neutrals girl, but I figured every nail polish wearer should have at least a couple in their arsenal, right? So I picked up Yummy Mummy completely expecting to be underwhelmed. BUT I LOVE IT.


butter LONDON claim that it looks good on every skin colour… it does look good on my pasty digits. It’s quite a sophisticated, grown up colour. I’m not sure what though- is it a beige? Mushroom? Taupe? Anyway, whatever. It’s grand. It has a very, very subtle glitter under the   main colour which lifts it from being a dull colour to having a little bit of a secret shimmer.

Formula-wise, I really like it, although it did take three coats to get it utterly opaque. I used the sticky sandwich method, as my now usual wont. I like brushes on these polishes too, easy to get just the right amount of polish on them and not messy at all.

I’ve got my eye on this being my go-to nail polish for important events and work. You know the type, where neon green might not quite be right.

Oh, and if anyone actually ever refers to me as a Yummy Mummy, they’ll get a poke in the eye.


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