A trio of Whittard’s floral teas

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love my floral teas, rose-flavoured especially. So when I was offered the chance to try three of Whittard’s floral teas, I jumped at the chance. I’ve always liked Whittard teas and was very sad when their store in Brighton was replaced by one of those perfume chain shops.

All images are taken from the Whittard website

English Rose flavoured black tea

English Rose

This is a glorious black tea to start the day with- a fruity, floral mixture that has a ‘zing’ to it. I tend to have this in the morning if I don’t fancy my Earl Grey; it’s especially perfect on a sunny spring day. What I like about this tea is that neither the fruit nor the roses overpower each other, but compliment each other. The tea base itself is rich and gives the sweeter flavours chance to shine. I totally imagine Shakespeare drinking this, if Shakespeare knew what tea was and had access to a well-known tea shop.

Cherry Blossom Tea

Cherry Blossom

I have loved cherry blossom flavoured tea since I first discovered ‘proper’ tea a few years back. Although I usually drink a cherry blossom tea with a Sencha (Japanese green tea) base, I was very keen to try this, as I have limited experience with white teas. The smell of this tea is wonderful, sweet and fruity. What I have found with this tea, as opposed to my usual, is that flavour-wise it’s less sweet. I’d say this is more refreshing. I’m thinking of investing in the teabags for work. A really lovely tea if you like your Japanese-inspired teas.

Lemon and Rose tea

Lemon and Rose

This is my favourite of the three- it is so light, sweet and refreshing! When I was pregnant, I was desperate for Turkish Delight and I probably could have done with a cup of this a day to help with those cravings. It’s exotic yet comforting at the same time. I love how the rose and lemon work together to make a zingy, sweet cup of tea. I typically enjoy this at midday and find it very soothing. It’s perfect for very sunny days, as it is just the epitome of summer flavours. Lovely!

Have you tried any of these teas? Do you fancy trying them?


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