Small steps to making the world a better place

Recently, the news has been more depressing than usual. Having a child, I think about this stuff more than I did before and I’ve decided to make some small changes towards making the world a better place. Although these are tiny steps, if everyone did even one thing, it’s got to help, right? I mean, we’re so lucky to live in an age with technology, health care and universal education… I think it’s really easy to take it for granted. I found this list, which although I don’t agree with everything on it, gave me some food for thought.


1. I am not going to contribute to ‘fast fashion’– the recent tragedy in Bangladesh really made me question where my clothes come from. As much as I like my Primark cardigans, I’ve been trying to avoid thinking why they’re half the price of Zara’s. Now, I can no longer ignore it and it’s not a pretty realisation. I have skills that mean I can make some of my own clothes. For the rest, I’ll either go secondhand (hello eBay and charity shops!) or go to shops with a clear ethics policy. It’s a small step, but it’s one I need to make.

2. I am going to try and make some ethical choices when it comes to food shopping- Although we can’t afford to go completely organic/fair trade, we can make some small choices by buying some items that allow farmers around the world to make a decent living. I was really surprised when I researched what can be bought that’s organic and/or fair trade. We’ll start with small steps and buy cupboard staples such as hot chocolate and coffee. Guests will now be offered fair trade tea if they panic at the size of my tea cupboard.

3. Help others who suffer from depression– I am currently in a happy stage in my life; everything is being well managed and my brain chemistry is behaving itself. So now I need to pay-it-forward and help other people. I’m looking into doing something with The Blurt Foundation.

Although these are only three things to start with, I think it’s a good way to begin. What one thing could you do to make the world a better place? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter: @wuthering_alice

This post was written in conjunction with Traidcraft


3 thoughts on “Small steps to making the world a better place

  1. skye says:

    love this post- three really good things to start with 🙂
    i’ve avoided fast fashion for about 4 years now- not with everything, but i try to buy as much as possible second hand etc. a big part of it for me was learning about making clothes at uni- it’s crazy coz you’re being trained how to create catwalk/designer clothing, and when you make it and realise how much goes into it, you realise how unfair fast fashion really is.
    food is really important to j- so between us i think we’ve tried to educate the other- and we’ve recently made the decision to cut down how much meat we buy too. like you said it can be really hard to do it with everything, but little bits at a time make all the difference!
    as for no.3, i’m really glad you’re in a good place- yay! 🙂 and this is something i really need to work harder on too. pay-it-forward is such a great idea, and so effective!
    sorry for such a ramble!! x

  2. TheBigForest says:

    All good stuff and big thumbs up from TheBigForest! Our own resolution is to cook more using local ingredients. We really dont need tasteless out of season fruit that has been flown halfway around the world.

  3. nanacathy2 says:

    Super post. We only buy local fresh fruit and veggies and meat. Who needs beans (or flowers) from Africa. I freeze a lot from our garden which helps. Yes cheap fashion is cheap because of the living and working conditions of workers. I am a little concerned on fair trade especially on items which could be made in the UK. Bags at £2.50 each, which I have seen, for a lovely handmade one from India, is not fair trade for people trying to make the same in the UK. Then again some of the bigger labels also use cheap labour abroad too- I seem to recall a sports manufacturer and footballs made abroad causing a scandal a few years back. All most confusing. Good Luck, all we can do is our individual best.

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