Glamorous Amorous- The Ladyboys of Bangkok!

I was very happy to be invited to the gala evening of the latest outing of The Ladyboys of Bangkok. I’ve lived in Brighton for seven years and always fancied going, but never got round to it. I am so pleased I got to go!


I took my friend Jaqui who needed a bit of cheering up (I think Benn wouldn’t have enjoyed it much and would have been mortified if he’d been picked for audience participation. He’s dead shy.) As you can see, we were extremely close to the stage, which was fantastic; we could see every sequin!


I really enjoyed the cabaret-style of the show; lots of fabulous miming, comedy turns and dancing meant that it was a fast-paced, occasionally risqué show. The stamina that the performers needed to get to one act to the next was breathtaking and the costume changes were phenominally quick. I have a friend who works in wardrobe, I think I’ll ask her how quick the usual change is. Whatever it is, this beats it.


The ladyboys themselves are beautiful. Just stunning and very good at what they do. I found myself looking at their skin, hair and makeup- totally flawless. I’m totally nicking some of the eyeliner tips I picked up.


The upbeat pop tributes were a massive highlight for me- a Day-Glo Nicki Minaj routine and a Gangnam Style homage were two very memorable moments (especially as I’ve spent months singing Gangnam Style in an effort to stop the baby crying; I found I could actually sing along in Korean. Result!) The show also went from high-octane to emotional to bizarre in very quick succession. We never knew what we would end up seeing next, which was exciting.


I also really enjoyed the more traditional ‘cabaret’ acts; Mary Poppins, Gloria Gaynor and Cher were all represented. An evening is always a success if Cher’s involved.


I loved every second and didn’t want it to end. I loved the dancing, the singing, the audience participation, the sequins. Basically, it’s a bit like Strictly Come Dancing only a bit camper with lots of beautiful lady boys singing and tons more glitter. My ideal show, really.


If you want to see the nationwide tour (which runs until the end of November!) you can click here to buy ladyboys tickets. Can I go back next year, please?


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