Making my nail polish last longer!

I’m going through a bit of a nail polish phase at the moment and I’ve been desperate to find a way to keep my polish on for more than 24 hours. I recently asked for tips on the forums of Sali Hughes Beauty and was pleasantly surprised at the number of responses I got. The one I’ve been using the most is the ‘Sticky Sandwich’ method, which can be found over on Olive and Hazel  (a new favourite blog, btw!) Yes, it takes a bit longer, but it’s completely revolutionised my nail polish wearing…

Orly Bonder

ORLY Bonder (18ml)

Image: Graftons Beauty

This stuff is AMAZING. I have honestly seen a difference in nail polish wear after using this as described in the Sticky Sandwich method. It is pretty expensive when compared to other basecoats, but I consider that for the price of a manicure done in a salon, you can get this and a decent topcoat, it’s not a bad price for something that works.

Seche Vite

Image: Seche Vite

I am impatient and a bit cackhanded when it comes to manicures. I bought this with my Boots points after my friend Alice recommended it to me. It is fabulous- dries SO quickly, although I am aware it dries up in the bottle eventually. I’m not at that stage yet, but may see what other fast-drying coats offer (suggestions of good ones in comments would be appreciated!) I’m not patient enough for a normal drying time and I don’t like Sally Hansen topcoats!

I’ve also found that my nail polish lasts longer if I prepare my nails properly; giving them a quick swipe with nail polish remover before starting, buffing them a bit and, shock horror, actually doing stuff to my cuticles (although, to be honest, not ENTIRELY sure what I’m doing there still!)

By making these little changes, I’ve found that my nail polish can last up to five days chip free. After this point, I find that I get bored anyway and want to change the colour! The polish definitely has more wear and can cope with hair washing, dish washing and the demands of a baby, so I’m happy.

What are your nail tips?

7 thoughts on “Making my nail polish last longer!

  1. Hannah Ackroyd says:

    Ooh I may have to try these! My nail varnishes have a habit of chipping in the first ten seconds of having nail varnish on so these tips will probably come in handy for me! Thanks for sharing 😀

    • stephaniepomfrett says:

      I find I have to buff my nails to make it really last and if I do a rush job, it will end up chipping. So slow and steady wins the race! But yeah, it’s a great way to stop nail polish annoyance!

  2. Jessica says:

    Great post! Love hearing how well the sticky sandwich has worked for you! My bottle of Seche Vite has sadly reached the goopy stage and I have to buy a new one, but that just means I’ll have to pick up a few new polishes as well hehe. Thanks a bunch for linking to my blog post 🙂

  3. Julie says:

    Ooh I must have missed that on SHB!
    Will check the method out I’ve been looking for something with decent staying power for ages.

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