A finished OWLS jumper!

I’ve been wittering (twit-twoo-ing?) about this jumper since February and, finally, on the hottest day of the year I finished it! (Hence why there’s a surprise extra blogpost today. SO EXCITED.)

Cue a photo of me trying to look like a catalogue model, but ending up just looking smug:

It does hide a double-chin though...

It does hide a double-chin though…

I approached this jumper as a learning curve, not beating myself up if anything went slightly wrong, which it did. There were slightly too many stitches, meaning that the owls are only on the front. I also had to restart the yoke at one point, after I’d taken the stitch markers out, so my waist shaping is at the front of the jumper. Hey ho, I still love it and am quite proud of it! Had I not had a small human to look after, I probably would have done this in a couple of weeks.

Here is a close up of the owls:



I’ll be making one of these for D, mark my words. It was SO easy!

4 thoughts on “A finished OWLS jumper!

  1. skye says:

    i am so excited to see this finished! such a good colour choice, it looks amazing 🙂 the buttons are also perfect! i am seriously impressed that you’ve made this, every year my sister asks if i’ll be making her a harry potter themed jumper for christmas and i flee in terror x

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