Review: LoveTea Wild Excelsior Paksong Oolong

Recently, I was offered the chance to try a sample of one of LoveTea‘s monthly teas and was lucky enough to be sent a lovely Oolong tea called Wild Excelsior Paksong. SAM_0304

Oolong is not a type of tea that I usually drink; I am quite rigid in what I drink according to the time of year- black tea (especially Chai) in winter and green/white tea in spring and summer (although I always start the day with a black tea, I need my caffeine fix!) I’m not sure why oolong isn’t really on my radar, but it was very nice to have a change!

Wild Excelsior is a variety of oolong grown in the only tea garden in Laos and is so-called because it is a wild variety of tea plant. It’s a highly prized variety of the tea, as the Paksong garden only produces 30 tonnes a year.

Taste-wise, LoveTea say that this has a ‘delicate, roasted flavour with floral notes and buttery undertones.’  I would agree with this, although I thought it also tasted earthy but light, which is possibly a bit of an oxymoron! I brewed the tea as per the instructions and got a light yellow liquid. LoveTea also kindly sent some tea filters, which are larger than the usual ones I use. These allowed the leaves to gently unfurl and release their flavour.

You can re-steep good quality oolong leaves; apparently the best brewing is often the third, but I didn’t get chance as Benn threw away the teabag thinking it was done with! I will be trying this in future brewings though!

LoveTea have kindly offered my lovely readers 40% off their first month’s subscription. Just use the code POMFRETT40 when signing up! Brilliantly, there are a range of subscriptions to suit most pockets and no commitment, so you can try this risk-free. Let me know if you do and what you think of the service!



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