All the small things

I find that it can be really easy to become overwhelmed and short-sighted in life. Recently, I was diagnosed with depression. It’s something that I’ve struggled with before and I knew what was happening. It took me a while to admit I needed help (I actually went to the doctor about something else and turned into a puddle), but I’m on the mend again. It’s something I always have to keep an eye on, but I can function and I’m fairly happy at the moment.

One of the ways I cope is by appreciating the little things, especially as being on maternity leave means that I have little money to spend on fripperies. I also find that shopping can make me feel worse- have I spent money on something I need? Do I already have four of this in a similar shade? Should I have spent this money?

So, as part of my coping strategy, I practise a bit of mindfulness. That is, I appreciate what’s happening in the here and now and see the little things. For example, some things that have made me happy this week:

1) This photo of D:


It was taken in the park on the first really sunny and warm day of the year. Those sunglasses are WAY too big for him, but I like the fact he appears to be channelling Gangnam Style. Also, Benn bought me an ice cream, which I gave a tiny amount of to D. The look on his face was hilarious.

2) Finally working out how to join the sleeves to the jumper I’m knitting. I was terrified, but now I’m looking forward to finishing!

3) When the baby is asleep about 11am, sitting down with a cup of tea and a small bar of Dairy Milk. It’s quiet and I can enjoy it.

4) When my nail polish lasts more than 24 hours (I will be posting about this in future.)

5) This panda video:

6) Being able to take my engagement ring to be fixed (the cat knocked it off the side and the amethyst in the centre went AWOL.) I chose a new, much darker amethyst that’s going to be AMAZING.

7) Hearing D giggle when I tickle him. This is a new thing.

8) Being amused when Benn becomes as baffled/outraged by Postman Pat as I do.

9) Learning the quite frankly ridiculous Makaton sign for ‘dancefloor’ (yes, while watching CBeebies. Shh.) and making my mum laugh on Skype when I showed her.

10) Wearing my clothes (especially a very expensive raincoat) that I haven’t worn since I was pregnant. It’s been slightly bizarre, but nice that I can fit back into them comfortably.

What small things are you grateful for?


13 thoughts on “All the small things

  1. alice says:

    D is such a cutie & that panda video is so funny. glad your feeling better, i’ve suffered with depression on & off all my adult life so can completely sympathise. sometimes we just need a little help. xxxx

  2. sophie wearing says:

    Oh he looks darn cute!Glad to hear you are going through a slightly better patch!I also find mindfulness helps get me through these episodes (altho I would say this as I preach it as part of my job!!),simply slowing my thinking down and distracting it from the thoughts and cycles.I think this idea of rituals feeds into that,when I was taught mindfulness one of the exercises was about taking an everyday activity and really focusing on the components of it e.g when washing up feeling the warm water and bubbles on your skin.Its funny but it makes me so appreciative of the small things in life that all I need is a cup of tea or a trip to the park and I’m in heaven!xx

  3. Trona says:

    lovely post! I suffer depression on and off too, mainly as a result of my chronic pain. I’m actually in a mindfulness course through the NHS at the moment, it’s starting to make a huge difference already. Little things that make me happy is playing with my dog or cuddling him. I also love feeding the birds in the garden, these may seem little but they’re very important. Hope you keep feeling better xx

    • stephaniepomfrett says:

      Thank you! I love seeing the birds in our garden, but we can’t feed them because of all the cats around here (including our own, stupid one!) I hope I can keep up my positivity once I go back to work.

  4. nanacathy2 says:

    Sunshine, wind in my hair, being on top of a big hill and looking down and realizing how small humans really are- the Malverns are great for this, the sound of my son’s really big belly laugh( I defy anyone not to feel better after hearing him laugh), a bath, swimming, silence, bird song,. I agree it is the small things that matter and staying in the present is so important.

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