Knitting and Crochet Blog Week Day 5: Something A Bit Different

I’ve chosen to interpret this task as a way of making myself do something I don’t usually do on the blog, rather than a new way of blogging… one of the things I don’t think I’m very good at is photography (although I’m slowly getting better!) To be honest, I don’t have the time to take endless, flawless pictures and usually either the baby or the cat get in the way/try and eat things (this can be either/or, actually!)

So I’ve taken a photo and it’s a photo I would never usually take: one of a work in progress. I’m never very good at photographing my projects, finished or otherwise, so this is an unusual step for me! This is the much discussed on the blog/Twitter OWLS jumper, which I think I’m getting much closer to finishing:


As you can see, I’ve joined the sleeves and I’ve started working on the yoke. As there was a, ahem, slight miscalculation stitch-wise, I’m only doing the owls on the front (which also has the added bonus of showing me which way round to wear the thing too!) This is the first time I’ve made an adult sized garment, so I’m not too gutted that I’ve made minor mistakes. I’m seeing the whole project as a learning curve.

I’m using King Cole Big Value Chunky. Please don’t judge me for using acrylic. There are reasons: a) it’s cheaper and I didn’t want to spend too much money on something I didn’t know if I’d like doing it, b) I am constantly covered in a combination of baby sick, baby dribble and cat dribble. Ergo, the jumper needs to be machine washable. To be fair, I have been pleasantly surprised by this yarn- it’s soft and not squeaky!-  and the colour is gorgeous. I know on the photo it looks like a sludgy green, but in person, it’s shot through with a very delicate blue.

What do you think? Also, I am responding to all comments and visiting blogs that comment, so please don’t be shy!



10 thoughts on “Knitting and Crochet Blog Week Day 5: Something A Bit Different

  1. pigtails says:

    Oh no you should never feel ashamed for using an acrylic! There are some great ones available. Nothing wrong with your photo either. If you have a camera phone you could easily download an app that will help you churn out great pics. On my Android phone I particularly favour the Vignette app and on my Ipad the Pixlr app.

  2. thesoaringsheep says:

    I used acrylic for my Owls jumper, I couldn’t justify the cost getting that much chunky yarn in wool. Yours is looking lovely! The owl part of the pattern goes so fast, it’s great fun 🙂

  3. Shinybees says:

    There’s nothing wrong with a bit of acrylic! Plus there’s acrylic and there’s *acrylic*. And as you say, something easy to wash is the order of the day in a house with children and pets!

    • stephaniepomfrett says:

      I think I have had bad experiences with acrylic in the past, but my friend used this yarn in a very fetching autumnal shade and I was sold. For my bigger, more ambitious colourwork projects, I will probably go to King Cole acrylics, just while I am learning/improving!

  4. bekswhoknits says:

    Not all acrylics are created equally. One of my favourite bulky yarns is acrylic but it’s beautifully soft.

    I take the majority of my photos with my phone. If it means I actually document my knitting then it’s worth it.

    It’s your blog- you can do whatever you like!!!

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