Knitting and Crochet Blog Week Day 4: Colour Review

I love colour. Love, love, love it. If I didn’t live with Mr Magnolia himself, this house would be painted all kinds of colours. Oh well,  once we buy somewhere, I shall be rectifying that.

My favourite colours are red, orange, green and pink- as a redhead, the former three suit me best. I tend to be inspired by old Hollywood and nature (I know, right, completely at odds?!)

That iconic shade of red!

Despite the fact that I’m not a mad fan of either blue or purple, I seem to have a lot of yarn in those colours in my stash. I have no idea where they came from or what possessed me, but there it is. I do also knit a lot of accessories in grey, which I love, but recently I’ve been gravitating towards colours that ‘pop’ more.

If I have to pick an ultimate, favourite colour, it would be green. My particular favourite shade of green is also Pantone’s ‘Colour of the Year’, so for once I’m actually fashionable. I give you: Emerald Green.

Image: Washington Post

This obsession with green has spilled into my everyday life. I have lots of nail polishes, pairs of (non-handknitted) socks and a couple of jumpers in this colour (again, not handknitted, although the jumper I’m making IS green!)

I don’t often take photos of my work- either in progress or finished. But one of my favourite finished items is this Japanese Garden Shawl:

japanesegardenWhich *I* didn’t even finish, because I was pregnant, hormonal and tired. I mucked up the pattern royally and was loathe to waste good Woollmeise (which is in Mintze, if you’re interested.) I gave it to my good friend Jan– who took the above photo, by the way- who was happy to start again and save me from a minor breakdown! I really didn’t get much knitting done last year, what with the pregnancy and new baby. So I’m determined to do more this year- with lots of my favourite colours!

My last finished project was this pair of Cookie A socks:

My ankles aren't really that fat. Well, they have improved since I stopped being pregnant, at any rate.

You can read a bit more about them here and see them with a fabulous pair of shoes here. The colour is MUCH brighter  in real life. When I checked my stash earlier, it turns out I have a lot of offensively bright sock yarns, which is right up my street! After I finish my current project, the next project I have planned is a flamingo scarf. I can’t wait!



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