Review: two sewing books!

OK, these sewing books aren’t newly published, but they are new to me. I’m currently in the process of being a) obsessed with The Great British Sewing Bee and b) researching how to get my vintage Singer working (there’s a whole blogpost coming about that. I’ve turned into something of a nerd.)

Recently,  Love Crafts offered to send me some books to help me on my sewing quest. I’m not going to lie- I find sewing MUCH more intimadting than knitting, for some reason, so I was grateful for anything that helped me feel a bit less lost. Enter The Ultimate Sewing Bible and Merchant and Mills Sewing Book.


The Ultimate Sewing Bible

This book is perfect for novices like me- it covers everything you could possibly want or need to know. In fact, it’s so comprehensive that it reminded me of those Reader’s Digest guides to everything that my parents owned in the late 80’s. This really is the perfect beginner’s guide, showing everything from how to select fabric and use your machine to step-by-step dressmaking tips and how to make anything from place mats to a full working blind! The diagrams and instructions are clear and easy to follow, even when at your sewing machine (they’re a good size, so no squinting!) Although I find making my own clothes completely scary, I think I could take some of the home projects on quite successfully.



Merchant and Mills Sewing Book

This is a beautiful book. It’s like the hipster of sewing books, all stylish and what-not. Although it looks amazing, it’s not really a beginner’s book. The first half of the book talks about the basics of sewing and the second part details the projects, which definitely have a cool, ‘utilitarian’ vibe about them. There are patterns for things you need in your sewing room, such as a tailor’s ham and an ironing board cover, as well as a tote bag and a scarf with pockets! You get two paper patterns with the book. The instructions are clear and, as with the rest of the book, the aesthetic is key. I think this would be best for someone who maybe has a bit of experience of sewing and wants to sharpen up their techniques. I’ll be coming back to this once I’ve mastered the basics!

I think the idea of making the things you need for your sewing room is a great idea, but might not appeal to beginners eager to get stuck into fun, dress-y projects.



Do you own either of these, or fancy owning one?


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