New shoes: glitter edition

Recently, when Barratts offered me a pair of shoes and I saw this pair of glittery beauties, I couldn’t resist.  I feel like I’ve stolen Craig Revel-Horwood’s Strictly Come Dancing shoes.


You see, despite spending most of my life as a total tomboy, I have always had a weakness for glitter. My mother ( and her grandmother) also has this magpie-like tendency. In fact, when I showed her these shoes, I think I’m safe to say she was quite jealous.

My love of glittery shoes has been around for a while. I have had at least two pairs of ‘work’ shoes that have been sparkly and I got married in a pair of ruby-esque slippers. I have form for this kind of purchase. So much so that when Benn saw these his exact response was ‘Not another pair of glittery pumps,’ followed by a loud sigh. This is how I know I’ve made the right decision, shoe-wise. If Benn hates it, I’m onto a winner.


I’ve found glittery shoes to be stiffer than your average shoe and so harder to break in. These have been fine, though and easier than expected to break in. At the moment, I’m wearing them with jeans, but I think I will wear them to work with a pair of black wide-leg trousers. I find that glittery shoes work best when taking a style-leaf from ninjas (which is my general approach to work wear fashion as a whole, if I’m honest.)

What I think I like best about them is that, although they are SO in your face glittery and the colours are girly, the style itself is a bit… androgynous? I do like a flat shoe and I think the slightly more masculine style than, say, a ballet pump really makes these stand out.

You can buy these beauties here.


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