My latest favourite nail polish… Butter LONDON ‘Victoriana’

On Thursday, I was casually browsing the internet when I decided to look at the Butter LONDON website. I’d painted my nails with Rosie Lee, which I had been given for Christmas and loved it (I’d also been writing a post about tea, so it was a nice coincidence.) As I was pootling around, I fell in love. Hard.

I saw Victoriana.

butter LONDON - Metallic Pale Blue Nail Polish – Victoriana

Image: Butter LONDON

Now, I can’t explain* why this shade of blue made my heart a-flutter- I’m usually a ‘brights’ kinda gal- but it did. Maybe it was the grey-ish tones, or the tiny amount of sparkle. Or, maybe, it was the description:

A textured twinkling vintage pale blue nail lacquer. Things reminiscent of the Victorian era, such as corsets, top hats and Syphilis.” (Although I imagine syphillis to be, I dunno, purple?)

All I knew was a) I wanted it and b) I was NOT going to pay £13 for it. I started looking in earnest for dupes, putting out a plea on Twitter. The closest I could find was OPI’s I Have A Herring Problem. I vowed to look for a dupe in town on Friday. And I did. My friend Leanne and I searched high and low, scrutinised swatches and discussed tones. Nothing came close.

In the end, we went into Boots. I’d noticed the day before that they were clearing out space and was delighted to see an OPI stand that hadn’t been there 24 hours before. Until, suddenly, my eye was drawn to another new stand. A stand for… you’ve guessed it: Butter LONDON. There, in front of me, were two bottles of Victoriana. I mean, this was classic serendipity. It was clearly meant to be.

I picked up a bottle and stared at it, still loving the colour (in fact, probably loving it even more in person. It’s kind of… ice queen-ish.) I did a mental calculation and realised I had enough advantage points for not one, but TWO bottles. After umming and ahhing, I left with a bottle  of Lovely Jubbly too. How could I resist a camp disco glitter?

As I paid with my points, delighting that I had the colour I’d been lusting after, I felt more excited about a purchase than I have for ages (sad, I know.) I also decided that I would save up my next lot of points for a bottle of The Black Knight.

So, what does it look like on? Well, dear readers, it looks like this:


Ah, yes, the obligatory grasping hand photo

This photo doesn’t do it justice, it is lovely in real life. I also think that the polish itself is a dream to apply. I actually took lots of care applying this and applied Seche Vite topcoat. If you’re interested, I can let you know wear time etc!

Yes, I know this blogpost has a ‘Cool story, bro’ feel about it. I don’t care.


*Thinking about it since I wrote this post, I think it’s because it’s the perfect shade of Russian blue. Kind of the colour Earl Grey would be, if it was a nail polish and not a tea.


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