Tea Geekery: Palais des Thes

I’m a massive tea geek and actually quite fussy when it comes to what I will drink. A few years ago, I wrote a tea blog and discovered all kinds of amazing tea companies. One of my favourites (and one of the first I discovered!) is Palais des Thes, a French tea company.

I first found their shop in Dublin and was instantly hooked. The brand specialises in high-quality, loose leaf teas from around the world. When I started buying tea from them, five years ago, the only way to purchase was through the internet. However, you can now buy the teas from Harvey Nicholls- very swanky!

I thought I’d recommend three of my favourite teas, in case you fancied trying any…

Fleur du Geisha 


This was the very first loose tea I ever bought and it remains my all-time favourite green tea to this day. It’s a Japanese green tea flavoured with cherry blossoms; a light, fruity and floral flavour that is perfect for spring. Japanese green tea can be a bit grassy and overpowering when its used in a flavoured tea, but here the balance is just right.

Thes des Lords


In my opinion, this is one of the best Earl Grey blends there is and it’s certainly the best of Palais des Thes’. It’s a stronger take on the classic bergamot scented black tea. This is a real ‘first thing in the morning’ tea!

Montagne Bleue


This is my favourite flavoured black tea- strawberry, honey, lavender and rhubarb and it’s just lovely. I often give this to guests and I’ve never met anyone who didn’t like it. It’s quite a surprising flavour at first, but it’s just the right balance of sweetness.

(All photos Palais des Thes)


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